Bernard Salmon Photographe

Bernard Salmon received his first camera at 14 years.

At 18, he started in photography, after training in Paris, later supplemented by computer programmer analyst and computer graphics education. It will always remain true to the photograph, "breadcrumb trail".

During his career, he created and directed several companies in the area of ​​the image, graphic arts and communication.

Simultaneously with the photographic work order, corporate communications, fashion photography, advertising, illustration or story today he is pursuing a more personal and artistic research, presented in several exhibitions.
He works on the move and some abstract research in motion He divides his time between the completion of photographic commissions, sale of pictures and organizing, renting and selling exhibitions.

Based on the fact that the images make us think, and that they also know how to talk, it organizes training and internships for profesionals of the aid relationship.

His travels, his curiosity, his eclecticism are ways to move towards each other, to share his emotions and communicate.